Clean Cooking in Cambodia
Where does Cambodia's cooking energy come from?
Clean energy is not just about electricity
some reports estimate that up to
of total energy consumption in Cambodia
is Biomass which is primarily used for cooking
Biomass Fuel used for Cooking
Fuel used for cooking in Cambodia is typically wood
sourced from illegal deforestation
Why is wood not clean?
The trees are not often replanted, causing deforestation
The smoke from burning the wood is not good for health
Collecting wood is time consuming
Only 33% of Cambodian households have an emissions safe cook stove
Just take that simple belief that women shouldn't die from preparing food for their families, then make sure that issue reaches a global audience."
Dymphna van der Lans, CEO of Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves
What are some clean energy alternatives?
Scroll down to see some innovative substitutes
Khmer Green Charcoal makes clean cooking charcoal from waste coconut husks. This fuel is much cleaner to burn and does not contribute to deforestation.
ATEC use clean cooking fuel from agricultural waste. The gas produced is much better health-wise and cheap. Checkout their latest PAYGO System and more here.