Clean Energy in Cambodia
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What is Clean Energy?
Renewable energy, energy efficiency, smart energy
Electricity and heat energy provided by sources that renew and don't run out like the sun, wind and biomass
Using technology to do the same thing with less energy and optimising the balance of energy supply and demand.
Wind Power
Solar Power
Smart Efficient Use
Why is clean energy so important?
Cambodia's new solar farm is priced at 3.877cents/kWh less than half the cost of coal and much cheaper than the cheapest hydro project!
Renewable energy releases no direct emissions while coal and fossil fuels release air pollution and carbon emissions
Solar capacity can be installed within months where as coal and hydro projects take 3-7 years to build. Wind can be built in 1-2 years
investment on the infrastructure in the country, rather than paying to import fuel every year.
Renewable energy projects result in double the amount of jobs compared to coal/fossil projects
Solar and wind electricity have no carbon emissions - they do not directly contribute to climate change. While coal and other fossil fuels are the largest contributors to emissions in ASEAN
Renewable energy can be installed locally reducing the reliance on importing fuel or electricity from outside Cambodia
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Cambodia's electricity right now is not so clean...
Source: Electricity Authority of Cambodia 2021
Electricity from the grid generated by solar in 2021
Electricity from the grid generated by coal and oil in 2021
Electricity from the grid generated by hydropower in 2021
Watch this graphic to find out how electricity is currently produced and how that is set to change....
How does that compare globally?
The global trend is moving from majority fossil fuels to majority clean energy.
Solar energy and other forms of green energy don't pollute the environment, so they are a priority
Victor Jona, General Director of Energy at the Ministry of Mines and Energy

Solar approved or installed in Cambodia this year will save carbon emissions equivalent to driving back and forth between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh



But what if all new energy projects were renewable
To meet the growing energy demand up to 2030.
How much carbon would that save?

Using renewable energy for all new energy needs until 2030 would save the same amount of carbon as planting 46 million trees
There is an urgent need to move towards an equitable energy transition
Samdech HUN SEN, Prime Minister of Cambodia
Who Supports Clean Energy
in Cambodia?
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EnergyLab Cambodia
EnergyLab supports the growth of the clean energy market in Cambodia, with a particular focus on innovation and entrepreneurs. We do this by connecting and creating a clean energy ecosystem of industry, investors, entrepreneurs and research institutes through a range of programs, partnerships and events.