Engaging and promoting clean energy in Cambodia for sustainable development, economic productivity and innovation.
How we create Clean Energy Week
Clean Energy Technical Sessions
Private Government Policy Briefings
Public Engagement Events

Innovation and Startup Sharing Sessions
Networking and Professional Events
Clean Energy Introduction to Cambodian Students

What happened in Clean Energy Week 2019?

7 days

Enjoy 7 days of activities, sessions, panel discussions, workshops!
Over 2,500

Participants around the city!
Clean Energy Expo and Party!

See demo clean energy products and meet professionals.
Many venues across the city

From The Factory Phnom Penh, the Khmer Green Charcoal Factory, Universities and more…
Sample Schedule - 2019

Friday 1st - Thursday 7th November

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EnergyLab works to facilitate the growth of the clean energy market with a particular focus on innovation and entrepreneurship.

We work to connect and support a thriving clean energy ecosystem of industry, investors, entrepreneurs, customers and institutions through a range of programs, partnerships and events.

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Country Director
EnergyLab Cambodia
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Country Manager
EnergyLab Cambodia
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Communication and Design Officer
EnergyLab Cambodia
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