What is Clean Energy?
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Clean Energy is about making energy from clean sources and using energy in a smarter and more efficient way.
Renewable Electricity
electricity from sun, wind,
water, plants
Energy Efficiency
using energy more efficiently in industry, business, houses

Distributed Electricity

integrating and balancing the supply and demand of electricity closer to users within the electricity system
Smart Energy
integrating technology into our energy system to support clean, efficient, optimal consumption, distribution
and production of energy

Renewable Fuels
heat for industry or cooking made from renewable fuels like rice husks, biogas, sun
Offgrid and
Rural Clean Energy

solar and biogas for homes, improved cookstoves, solar water pumps
10 years ago energy was so boring...
...but with new low cost technologies, energy just got a whole lot more interesting ...and cleaner!
Why Clean Energy?
#1. new business opportunities
#2. Improved agricultural, industrial and urban productivity
Feature #3. economic growth that's sustainable ... for everyone!
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EnergyLab Asia
Based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, EnergyLab Asia runs a range of programs to help entrepreneurs develop, launch and grow new energy businesses
in the region. Whether they be local or international, EnergyLab Asia assists by providing coworking space, ideation and opportunity analysis, support programs and investor introductions. Inspired by
and in partnership with EnergyLab Australia's
world-leading initiative, EnergyLab Asia can offer
you a unique set of resources and skills to help propel success.
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